Team Challengers!!

8th grade Civics and Economics

Mr. Bandi

Please be sure to check Student/Parent Vue and Schoology often to stay up to date on assignments and grades.

Important Note about Homework and Classwork:
Homework is not often assigned. Homework that is assigned is to practice concepts only and will not be graded for the academic grade.  It does reflect in the student's Effort grade.  Any Classwork is meant to be done in class and NOT for homework.  Classwork and Projects completed outside of class without instruction to do so will not be accepted and will have to be redone by the Late Due Date, or it will be entered in the gradebook as an Incomplete.  It is important that ALL students make the BEST use of EVERY class period.  Ample time will be given in class to complete assignments.  If a student does not complete this assignment in the allotted amount of class time, I will be available at lunch and after school if needed.

Important Note About Late/Incomplete Assignments:
Any incomplete assignments may be made up and redone by the student.  The student may only work on this makeup assignment after school.   Any assignments that are not turned in are entered in the gradebook as an F.

Important Note about Test Retakes:
After a test is given, students may choose retake the test to earn a better grade.  In order to retake a test, the student must complete any missing work AND complete an extra assignment.  These extra assignments will vary, but will usually consist of work on Study Island and a Study Guide that must be 100% correct and 100% complete.  Students will also have to find time outside of class to conference with me.  By doing this, we ensure that students are taking responsibility for their assignments, their learning, and themselves.  Retakes typically must be done within the following week of the original test date. 

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