Classwork, Homework and Effort Grades
Homework is rarely assigned, but when it is, it is as a skill-strengthening tool rather than a summative assessment. Classwork, however, may be assigned on a daily basis, and will comprise the majority of a student's academic grade. While there will be ample time given in class to complete classwork assignments, there is the potential for students to spend time working at home if they feel they need it to fully demonstrate their mastery of the skills. In these cases the assessment may still be reflected in the student's letter grade.

Though homework is not a part of the academic grading curriculum, the completion of assigned work remains mandatory. As per the Lake Ridge MS Effort and Conduct Rubric, failure of students to complete assignments in a timely manner will be reflected in their Effort grade. Missing more than two assignments (summative and/or formative) will result in the Effort grade of a U. 
*Weekly Effort and Conduct grades may be found on Parent Portal*

Late and Missing Assignments
Late work is not penalized for being turned in after the assigned due date. However, failure to complete assessments will most certainly reflect negatively in the student's ability to demonstrate mastery on summative assessments. Should a student miss submitting an assignment, they will have until the end of next grade reporting cycle to submit it. If an assignment is not submitted, it will be recorded as Incomplete and assigned a 40% in the gradebook.

Retakes and Reassessments
Following the Standards Based grading foundations, students will have the ability to reassess on any summative assessment. Reassessments will follow the same timing parameters as late work: students will have until Interims or Report Cards to reassess. In order to reassess, students must complete all prior assignments relating to the skills being assessed, and they must fill out a reassessment request form. It is the responsibility of the student to initiate and complete reassessment procedures. Students may reassess during any Independent Study, Advisory, or Lunch, as well as before or after school (if previously arranged).

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