Welcome to Lake Ridge Middle School! Please take a few moments to view our presentation for sixth graders, Welcome to LRMS Future 6th Graders with Audio Options.pptx. This presentation will thoroughly explain the academics, scheduling, extracurricular opportunities, and incentives offered at LRMS! 

After viewing the presentation, please read the Encore descriptions below to familiarize yourself with Lake Ridge's Encore options.

  • Band (Yearlong) - Pick a band instrument and learn how to play it!  No experience playing an instrument is necessary...we start from the beginning in 6th grade!  Instruments you can choose from include flute, clarinet, alto saxophone, trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone, tuba, and percussion (drums and mallet instruments.)
  •  Continuing Orchestra Strings (Yearlong) - Students who took Strings in 5th grade should choose this class if they started playing a string instrument in 5th grade and are going to continue playing strings in 6th grade.  The instruments played in 6th grade Continuing Orchestra are Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass. If for some reason you are switching to a different string instrument(other than switching from cello to bass)you should sign up for the Beginning Orchestra Class.
  •  Beginning Orchestra Strings (Yearlong) –This class is for students who did not play a string (Violin, Viola,CelloBass) instrument in 5th grade or for a student that only played a month or two on a string instrument. Students will pick an instrument to playViolin, Viola, Cello, or Bass.   No experience playing an instrument is required.....we will start from the beginning of playing the instrument and reading music.   
  •  Chorus (Yearlong) - This course provides instruction in proper vocal techniques, music fundamentals, and rehearsal practices. Through a variety of choral literature, students will experience two and/or three-part singing. Types of performances may include concert choral performances, choral choreography, and/or musical dramas. Students must meet both the school day and after-school participation requirements.
  •  Art (Semester long) - Students develop an awareness and appreciation of art. Through their study of visual art, students will develop fluency in visual, oral, and written communication using the language of art. While developing aesthetic and critical thinking skills, students will become risk takers and creative problem solvers. Students learn about visual communication while making original artwork. Students are expected to embrace art as a visual language to express and communicate their ideas and feelings, while utilizing safe and ethical practices in the creative process.
  •  Drama (Semester long) - This is an exploratory course of all aspects of theatre. Within sixth grade drama, you will be learning the basics of theatre. Our units cover vocal characterization, body expression, nonverbal acting, and technical theatre such as costume design, set design, lighting, & props. 
  •  Personal Development (Semester long) - This course provides a foundation for managing individual, family, career, and community roles and responsibilities. Students focus on areas of individual growth, goal setting, strengthening families, and awareness of personal safety and wellness. They also explore saving and spending practices, clothing care, food preparation, positive and caring relationships with others, and careers.
  •  Intro to Technology (Semester long) - This course focuses on what engineering and technology are.  Students learn about what engineers do, what technology is, measurement, and 3D modeling and printing.  Students also learn to use various tools in the workshop.
  • STEMS Solutions (Semester long) - Students are introduced to the world of business using the computer as a problem-solving tool. Emphasis is placed on using basic touch keyboarding skills to complete a variety of projects incorporating word processing, database, presentation, and spreadsheet software. Basic Internet safety and computer maintenance issues are important components of this course.  They will be using Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS)