Welcome to 6th grade social studies at LRMS!  I'm looking forward to working together to have a successful school year.Globe.png

I'm always happy to hear from parents, and eager to do what I can to help your child have his or her best day in school.  If there's anything on your mind, about social studies or school, I welcome your email at willijf@pwcs.edu, or I can return your call at the first available moment - (703) 494-5154.

Most of our work will be done in class; there will not be regular homework.

Current Course Overview and Curriculum 

United States History I - Early North America to the Civil War

Curriculum information and standards are on the PWCS 6th Grade Social Studies page.

• Geography (Standards 2a-2d)
• Early North American Cultures (Standards 3a-3c) 
• Exploration (Standards 4a-4c)
• Colonial America (Standards 5a-5e)
• American Revolution (Standards 6a-6d)
• Our New Nation (Standards 7a-7c)
• Westward Expansion (Standards 8a-8e)
• Civil War(Standards 9a-9f)

Remediation and Retesting policies

Most assignments can be retaken.  

Quizzes generally have unlimited computer-based retakes, sometimes on the day of the quiz, sometimes later in the term, and usually both.  Projects can be improved and resubmitted.  Tests are technically difficult to offer more than one retake on. If a parent wants a child to have a second retake (i.e. a third attempt at a test), please contact me for arrangements.

Retakes can be done before school, during lunch, during advisory, during Independent Study, and after school - just talk to me first.  I also offer retakes during occasional and announced class periods.  

Students do not have individual physical copies of the textbook.  We have a classroom set of physical books, and all students have access to the electronic textbook, linked from 2study.org .  A username and password is required, which I cannot post publicly, but students have it, it's posted in the room, and you can email me for it - willijf@pwcs.edu


I have degrees from VCU (BA), GMU (MA), and I got my teaching certification from ODU.  I'm certified and experienced in all of the 6th grade core subjects, and have enjoyed teaching them all in the past.  I really enjoy the content and skills in Social Studies, and hope to share some of that excitement with my students, of learning how things became as they are now.