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Welcome to 6th Grade Math

Dear Lake Ridge Family,


As we continue our time away from school, we would like to inform you on the upcoming weeks of optional activities for all content areas.   We will have everything set up on Schoology, in a folder titled “Home Resources.”  You will see this folder in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, and Science.  This folder will one of the first available items on your child’s Schoology pages in an attempt for all four subject areas to be uniform for easy access to materials.  PLEASE NOTE:  All of the activities for all subjects are completely optional and will not be graded.  These activities are strictly review, and do not consist of any material that has not been taught up to this point in the year.  As far as grades, no new grades will be taken during the 3rd quarter, and any missing work or tests may be made up/retaken until the end of the extended quarter (April 17)



Math Standards

This link will take you to the 6th grade Math Standards for PWCS.  We have taught Units 1-5 and standard 6.8


Daily Digital Practice

Every week day (excluding Spring Break)  we will have a daily activity for completion.  These questions are review, and relate to standards taught in class this school year. 


SOL Review

This folder consists of many different Quizziz activities that coincide with current and past math concepts from this school year.  The students just need to click on the link, and the window will appear within their Schoology page, no code required. 


Online Links to Practice!

This folder has links provided by the county to support math concepts learned this school year.  There are many different resources ranging from reteaching concepts, to practicing the concepts.  These are great additional resources to take a look at.  The instructional pacing guide is also available, so you are able to see the standards we have covered so far this year.


ADDITIONALLY:  We will be hosting a daily Gimkit game for our students to be able to interact on a daily basis.  This will be a live game every day, so your student will need to be available at 11:30 each day if he/she would like to participate.  The website is https://www.gimkit.com/play.  The code for this game will be posted to their math schoology page in "Upcoming Events" 10 minutes before game time (11:20), to allow everyone time to get into the game.  We just ask that when the student puts their name into the game, that they use their name, and not a nickname.  The length of the game will be 30 minutes, so make sure your student will be available for that amount of time.