Student Registration Process

  1. Contact Lake Ridge Middle School to Make a Registration Appointment
    1. Parents of children whose primary language is not English should call Central Registration (703.791.2727 or 703.491.8432) for an appointment.

      2. Assemble Documents Needed to Register Your Student

  1. Your student's original birth certificate or certified copy (with a raised seal.)
  2. A deed or lease for your home or a contract for a new home (if you do not have a deed, lease or contract.
  3. Two additional documents to prove your residency selected from the following:
    1. Valid Virginia driver’s license with current address
    2. Car registration
    3. Utility bill or utility hook-up documentation
    4. Personal property tax bill
    5. Bank statement
    6. Payroll stub
    7. Voter registration
    8. Car or Homeowners Insurance policy statement or card
    9. Other documentary evidence sufficient to prove residency
  4. Proof of Required Immunizations
  5. Negative results of a tuberculosis screening test for students who have been outside the United States or U.S. territories for three or more consecutive months during the five years prior to the registration date.
  6. A copy of the current Individualized Education Plan (IEP) for students receiving special education services.
  7. Custody document, if applicable


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